Uniform and Gear

Comments: A little expensive.  Has a lot of original militaria.  

Comments: Good quality items and competative prices.  Some of their prices are high (even very high), but quality usually matches the price.  Customer service can be gruff at times, but they have always been fair.  If you want a uniform and gear that looks good and is accurate, buy your stuff from here.  

Comments: none

Comments: Large selection at competitive prices.  Beware that wesbsite reviews are cherry-picked and any criticism is deleted.  I left a negative review of an item.  Not only was the review deleted, my account was deleted.  They do have some other good things - their uniforms (while Chinese) are good enough quality and are sold at a good price. 

Comments: A lot of good original items.  Some repro field gear is spot on, some of it isn't.  Leather items tend to be made from cheap Chinese leather.  MG slings are bad.  Prices are definitely on the high end.  

Comments: Metal items (such as flag pole toppers and medals) are made from pot-metal and not very high quality, but they are fairly cheap.  Field equipment and gear are good for the price.

Comments: Prices are very high, but quality looks to be very high.  

Comments: Has a TON of original and repro East Front items, both German and Russian.  Prices range from very cheap to very expensive.  Tends to have items that are very hard to find elsewhere.  

Comments: For the most part, great quality items for the price.  Based out of the UK, but shipping to the US is surprisingly cheap.  Shipping time takes a while, but it's worth the wait.  

Comments: Prices are very high, but quality looks to be very high.  

Comments: No uniform items usually.  Lots of field gear and personal items for pretty good prices.  

Books and Reference

Comments: A unique source of valuable information.  John Baum puts in a ton of work to produce English translations of all sorts of German manuals and books.  Highly recommended vendor.  Get the Reibert 1943 to learn everything you need to know to be a Soldat in the Heer!

Books and Reference

Comments: Good quality and range of blanks for a good price.  Occasionally, they run out of 8mm and other common rounds, but it's not long before they're back in stock.  Great customer service.  

Comments: The highest quality blanks, but at the highest cost.  No online store - communication must all be through email. 


Comments: The best Weapon version of eBay out there.  Great place to get gun parts or kits or whole guns/weapons.  Can also find some field gear and original militaria here.  

Comments: Formerly Auction Arms.  Not as extensive as Gun Broker.  

Comments: Great place to get weapon parts and parts kits.  Also a good place to get some helmets and field equipment.  

Comments: none

Shotgun News

You can pick up a copy at your local or bookstore or Wal-Mart.  

Your local pawn shop, gun store or gun show can also be good places to find WWII-era weapons and equipment.