Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

This is the standard agreement signed by all WWII Reenacting Corps Members.

I.              Unit Name:

The organization shall be named the World War II Reenacting Corps (WWIIRC).  This designation shall be for all official correspondence, documentation, and event registration purposes.

 II.            Statement of Purpose and Philosophy:

The WWII Reenacting Corps is an official division of the World War II History Center Foundation, registered and incorporated with the state of Kansas and the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization.  The World War II Reenacting Corps shall exist for the purposes of reenacting the Second World War in an accurate manner consistent with the morals and mannerisms of the time period.  The Mission of the WWIIRC is to fulfill the WWII History Center’s Vision – to remember a generation, to honor its sacrifices and to educate future generations.  

The World War II Reenacting Corps is an apolitical organization.  Personal politics have no place here when you are in uniform or when you are in any way representing the WWIIRC or the WWII History Center.

The World War II Reenacting Corps do not condone, support, or in any way believe in Nazi policies, past or present, and will not tolerate anyone who wishes to re-live or reenact the Nazi ideology.  Our German reenactors exist to educate the public about life as a German soldier during World War II, which for the most part had nothing to do with the Holocaust, persecution of any race, or Nazism in general.  The regular German soldier existed to fight for his country just as the American, British or Russian soldier fought for his.

III.          Membership:

Membership in the WWII Reenacting Corps shall be open to any individual dedicated to the principles stated in Article II regardless of race or gender.  You must be a United States Citizen, cannot be a felon, and must be able to legally own a firearm.   Members must be over the age of 16 to participate fully.  All other exceptions regarding age will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the unit commander. 

Termination of Membership

Upon becoming members in the company, a Unit Commander has the right to revoke membership for any member’s action he deems inappropriate: examples: intolerable behavior; not abiding by the rules for the safety of equipment and persons; not abiding by the Membership Agreement; the use of any illegal or controlled/uncontrolled substances; stealing of equipment or gear; and any other demeanor that the members of the Corps see destructive and inappropriate. 

Also, upon becoming a member in the WWII Reenacting Corps, medical clearance must be obtained from a doctor, at the Unit Commander’s discretion, before being permitted onto a battlefield. 

Medical Conditions or Disabilities

If you have a medical condition, disability, or injury that can or will affect your ability to participate in WWII Reenacting, a Unit Commander must have these detailed in writing.  Once they have been controlled or corrected, and before being permitted back on the battlefield, a Unit Commander must receive in writing from your doctor a note that clears you to participate.  The Unit Commander will review all medical documentation and decide whether it is safe for you to be on the battlefield.


All WWII Reenacting Corps members are required to be members of the WWII History Center Foundation.  Membership is $35 a year, due on 01 April. 

IV.   Attendance:

There is NO REQUIREMENT to attend a certain number of events in a given year to maintain basic membership in the WWII Reenacting Corps.  However, it is highly recommended that you make every effort to attend WWII History Center sponsored events.

V.    Structure and Organization:

The WWII Reenacting Corps’ primary units are the American 82nd Airborne Division and the German 352nd Infantry Division.  All individuals in the Corps are required to be a member of one of the primary units.  Secondary impressions are encouraged and allowed, but must be approved by a Safety and Authenticity Official. 

At this point in time, the Corps’ Commander is an appointed position.  The Corps’ Commander’s responsibility is to ensure that the WWII Reenacting Corps’ Mission is being met by the units of the Corps. 

Each unit will have a Unit Commander appointed by the Corps’ Commander.  The Unit Commander’s responsibility is to lead and command their individual units.

The Command Staff is comprised of all the Unit Commanders and the Corps’ Commander.  The Command Staff’s purpose it to make decisions on how the Corps is operated. 

Each Unit will have within its organization a Safety and Authenticity Official.  This Official is appointed by the Unit Commander.  It will be the responsibility of the Safety and Authenticity Official to approve all impressions.

VII.   Authenticity Standards:

It is recognized and understood that “authenticity” is a major part of the WWII Reenacting Corps.  All members shall strive to wear uniforms and accessories, and behave in a manner that is consistent with the Unit you are a member of.

Only by creating and maintaining such high standards in uniform, equipment, appearance, and attitude can we respectfully represent the veterans we wish to remember and honor.

VIII.  Amendment of the Membership Agreement:

Amendment of the Membership Agreement can be made by the Command Staff as is necessary for the continued growth and safety of the Corps.  Members within the unit can recommend changes be made to the Membership Agreement.  The Command Staff will review said changes and will make an appropriate determination.

IX.      Equipment:

All members are required to purchase their own combat uniform, equipment and weapon, as determined by your Unit Commander, within (1) year of joining the Corps.  Failure to procure the minimum uniform/equipment/weapon requirement will result in termination from the Corps.  If any member does not show good faith in obtaining their own equipment and gear within (1) one year of joining the Corps, they will be asked to purchase items determined by the Unit Commander within (30) thirty days or be suspended from participating in any events with the WWII Reenacting Corps until the member has purchased the items to be reinstated to participate.  If after the 30 day warning, said member has not purchased said items to be reinstated within the Unit, the member will be terminated from the WWII Reenacting Corps. 

X.     Disclaimer of Liability:

All members of the WWII Reenacting Corps are deemed to be aware of the inherent dangers associated with military reenacting.  Further, all members hereby agree to release, and hold harmless, the World War II History Center Foundation, the WWII Reenacting Corps, the Corps’ Commander, any Unit Commander, any Unit NCO’s, any other member of the Corps and all land and property owners for any and all injuries sustained, real or imagined, physical or emotional, resulting from the member’s participation within the WWII Reenacting Corps.

By signing this document, each member agrees to comply with all regulations within this document. 

If a member is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign this form stating that they have read, understand, and acknowledge that their son or daughter will comply with all the Membership Agreement.