We are a WWII Reenactor group that portrays a Deutsches Heer (German Army) unit that defended Normandy at what would be Omaha Beach during the Allied invasion of Northern France in June 1944.

Our primary goal is to educate the public about the German soldier by possessing firm knowledge of the period, by staging mock battles, providing demonstrations, and properly displaying authentic uniforms, weapons, and equipment.

We are based out of the World War II History Center in El Dorado, KS.

The 352nd hosts and participates in both public and private events throughout the central U.S. 

No experience is required!  We will teach you how to be a member of the Wehrmacht!  If you'd like more information about our unit or on how to join, please read our How to Join Page or contact us.  If you are interested in joining, please fill out this application!

If you would like to receive e-mail updates regarding the World War II History Center, the 352.Infanterie-Division or the WWII Reenacting Corps, click here.  Your e-mail address will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be re-distributed. 

 If you are a film maker or photographer and would like to contract our services, please let us know

Disclaimer:  The World War II History Center and its volunteers do not condone, support, or in any way believe in Nazi policies, past or present, and will not tolerate anyone who wishes to re-live or reenact the Nazi ideology.  Our German reenactors exist to educate the public about life as a German soldier during World War II, which for the most part had nothing to do with the Holocaust, persecution of any race, or Nazism in general.  The regular German soldier existed to fight for his country just as the American, British or Russian soldier fought for his.